How to make an Egyptian fashion doll

Egypt is home to a booming fashion industry, with dozens of new brands popping up every year.But with the number of fashion dolls in Egypt declining, many parents are concerned about their children’s well-being.Here’s how to make a fashion doll from scratch.1.Get the right doll.If you’re looking for a fashion model, don’t go looking for …

The ‘Cyberpunk’ Era: A timeline of high fashion from 1960s to the present

The ‘cyberpunks’ of the 1960s were fashion-forward, in a sense, but there was a distinct lack of mainstream interest in the genre.They had their own set of aesthetic goals, which were to keep fashion and the fashion industry at bay while still maintaining a certain degree of sophistication.“Cyberpunk” was an umbrella term for a number …

Which brand is the most important for the millennial generation?

Dressed in the traditional attire of a young woman, the new-age-leaning brand is inspired by a generation of women who are questioning traditional gender roles and finding new possibilities in the world.But, the brand is also aiming to appeal to the “feminine” side of millennial women and men.

How to make your fashion outfit a little more chic with this cute print

I know I can’t wear my top with a pair of jeans that don’t fit properly and a tee that I’m just too lazy to get out.And yet, when I’m in a tight fit, it’s nice to have a little piece of fashion.That’s what I’ve got for you today, my favorite fashion print from the …

Fashion trends to figure in 2019

Fashion trends for 2019 are already set, but there is no telling when they will arrive.The latest trends that can be expected to make their way to the fashion-loving world include new designs from the likes of Mango, H&M and more. Read more