How to get a new pair of football pants for a new look

NFL players are often the face of a franchise, and the players themselves often carry the weight of the franchise tag, which is used to pay franchise players a guaranteed salary, per

When players signed their new contracts in January, some teams had already been using the tag on players, and other teams didn’t want to be the first to make a deal with a player.

So, some NFL teams decided to do a bit of shopping.

Here are a few of the items that were bought in the name of a new set of players.


T-Shirts The New England Patriots’ team store was one of the stores that bought the players jerseys, but the Patriots didn’t actually have to buy them.

According to’s Rob Demovsky, the Patriots actually “received a package from a Patriots store” that contained “a pair of new t-shirts” for their players.

According the NFLPA’s Doug Pederson, the New England players “were given the opportunity to purchase a pair of their new tights from the team store on Saturday and Sunday.”

That means that the players got to wear their new jerseys for the first time.

The NFLPA says that it was a “positive sign” that the team shop decided to get rid of the jerseys, and it’s good to see the players being compensated for the extra wear.


Baseball jerseys The Cleveland Indians’ team shop was one that bought jerseys from the New York Mets, but this was not the only place where the players were given their first taste of the new uniforms.

The Mets also had the opportunity this year to wear new uniforms, so the players might be getting some first-hand experience.


Football pants The Philadelphia Eagles’ team-owned store was another one that decided to buy jerseys for players.

The Eagles reportedly had an offer on the table for a contract from a player, and this is how the deal went down.

According Matt Maiocco of ESPN’s The Undefeated reported that the Eagles “were willing to pay $15 million for a player or $18 million for two if a player agreed to terms with the team and they were not signed by an existing contract.”

It’s a good sign that the NFL is paying players for first-team reps, and some players will be wearing the new jerseys.


Football socks The Washington Redskins’ team merch store was also one of a few stores that purchased the new players jerseys.

According’s Ian Rapoport, “The Redskins were also offering up $12.5 million for the players new jersey, which would be more than they would have paid a player in the previous season for a jersey they wore.”


Golf equipment The Atlanta Falcons’ team was one team that bought a new uniform for its players, but they also were not the first team to do so.

The Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts both bought uniforms for their new players, too.


Football shoes The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ team used a pair that was actually from a Nike store.

According Sports Illustrated’s John Clayton, “the Buccaneers, who are a member of the NFL’s uniform policy, have been using Nike for its uniforms since at least 2009, when they wore the Adidas Ultra Boost, which was designed for a longer, steeper shoe.”

Nike’s deal with the Buccaneers was worth $30 million over two years, so they might have gotten a bargain if they had kept the shoes, which are currently not available.


Baseball uniforms The Tampa Panthers’ team is another team that used a Nike-branded uniform.

The Bucs were also one team to get new uniforms this year, so it’s possible that they will be getting their first look at the new ones soon.


Soccer cleats The Chicago White Sox’s team store bought new uniforms for the Chicago White and Gold players, which might have been a deal for some players.


Basketball shoes The Washington Wizards’ team team shop bought new players uniforms, but it was not a player-specific contract.


Football shorts The Miami Dolphins’ team bought a pair from Nike.


Soccer shoes The San Francisco 49ers’ team buy a pair, which will probably be a bargain for the new guys.


Golf bag The New York Giants’ team’s team shop did not have a contract on the books for its new players this year.


Basketball shorts The Washington Vikings’ team did not sign a contract with new players until this offseason.


Golf bags The Chicago Bears’ team bag purchased new players uniform this year for $50,000.


Basketball shoe The Minnesota Vikings’ new players were signed by former Minnesota Vikings players, so we can probably expect them to be wearing their new uniforms soon.


Golf golf bag The Cleveland Browns’ team put the new uniform on for players at a golf tournament.


Football shoe The San Diego Chargers’ team shopped the new shoe on in January