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Fox Sports’ Top 5 Best Brands, Sizes, and Styles for 2018 (updated February 12, 2019) article A new edition of Fox Sports The Five is out and the brand new edition includes a look at the best new footwear brands in 2018 and what to expect from the next edition of the popular show.

Here’s the new edition with the Top 5:Bruno Couture: The latest fashion icon from France has taken the best out of its namesake brand, while adding some fun elements.

The new release of the brand features a pair of black suede sneakers with a black sole and black accents.

A collaboration with the French fashion house, Bruno Couture also features a colorway inspired by a contemporary urban streetwear look.

Lilium: The French luxury house is a staple in fashion for the past decade and this year, it introduced a pair with black accents inspired by the city of Paris.

The shoes are the most exclusive of the collection, and are priced at $1,699.

Roxy Boulders: The UK designer continues to be a top-tier designer with a number of collaborations and new products, but this time around, the brand has a new collaboration with Nike and a new colorway called Red-White.