When a company buys a new garment, they’ll probably just take it off you

In the early days of fashion, it was the women who wore the most interesting pieces of clothing.

But by the early 20th century, the focus shifted from women to men.

Now, women have a far more prominent role in fashion and a growing number of fashion brands have more women in their management.

Read More , and men are far more likely to wear women’s clothing.

In a 2015 survey, women were more likely than men to say they’d bought a new suit in the past year, and women were also more likely then than men, to say their favorite style of dress was the new and trendy one.

The fashion industry’s new “fashion for women” slogan has helped the gender imbalance among fashion executives be addressed.

The company’s CEO, Prabal Gurung, said last month that the company’s efforts to improve diversity in the fashion industry will continue and will include hiring more women.

It’s hard to believe that many of these women are not wearing suits. They are.