Scottsdale Fashion Square Fashion Square has been awarded the top prize in the annual competition of the “Best New York City Public Square”

New York’s “Best Public Square,” created by the New York State Department of Housing Preservation and Development, was named for its “creative and forward-thinking” style and “unique public space.”

The contest was organized by the Department of Urban Design, which has designated the space “a historic and visionary public space” that was created as part of a $3.9 billion redevelopment project.

It also features a public plaza that is open to the public and includes a public library, museum, and museum-like seating and a restaurant.

It is currently home to a homeless shelter, a health clinic, and a high school, as well as a park, community garden, and an arts and music space.

The competition is open for a one-year period, but there will be a final competition on Aug. 1, 2019.