A day to remember: A day in koreatown style

A day long celebrated for its rich and varied history has been celebrated in korean street clothing and fashion with the opening of a new clothing shop in Harajuku.

Sophie, a 25-year-old koreak-Chinese girl, who was born in China, opened her new boutique in the trendy area of Chino-Alameda on Wednesday.

She has been selling her korean style at local market stalls since February.

The shop sells handmade items including dresses, skirts, pants, leggings, skirts and skirts with embroidery, and dresses in silk, silk chiffon, silk, leather and cotton, among others.

It also carries handbags and bags, and handbags made of materials from Korea and Japan.

A day long remembered for its wealth of history, Harajukus culture has been transformed.

The street-wear shops in Harjukus capital, Seoul, sell items like scarves, jackets, jeans, jackets and sweaters.

They also sell other items such as handbags, belts and bags.

A unique korean fashion, street fashion and old fashioned oats are on offer in this boutique.

The shop is located in a busy area, just blocks from the old subway station, and the owner, Sophie, who works as a freelance designer, has been making the store since she was 15.

She is keen on adding to the atmosphere of the neighbourhood, said Sophie.

Sophies daughter, Sophie-Lee, who is also a designer, is also the designer of the store.

“The atmosphere is very casual, and I think the shop has been really popular among our customers.

People here like wearing korean-style clothes,” said Sophie-Lea.

A special section for koreans Sopranos and korean hip hop music can be heard in the shop.

Harajukis are also known for their hip hop and samba music.

It is a way of life in Harijuku.

In this street fashion shop, Sophie has been able to attract a lot of young koreas from the neighbourhood.

People like to buy handmade items in Harju, which is where Sophie started the business.

“A lot of the korea people in Harja are not able to afford clothes because they do not have the money to buy a new pair of clothes,” Sophie said.