‘You’re not supposed to have a beard’: Teenager tells how he took his mom’s advice

A 15-year-old Washington girl has told how he told his mom to cut his beard because he didn’t want to be a ‘headcase’ in high school.

Diana E. Johnson, of the District of Columbia, told The Washington Post that her mom told her to cut her hair to make him a “headcase” because he wouldn’t wear a baseball cap.

“I’m a grown man, but I’m still a teenager,” Johnson said, explaining that she and her mom went to a barbershop where she was allowed to buy her hair cut.

“My mom cut her beard and said, ‘I don’t want you to look like a headcase,'” she said.

“That’s the thing.

You don’t know if you’re going to look better in a baseball hat or a baseball shirt.”

Johnson’s mother, Dina D. Johnson Sr., is a former Washington Redskins cheerleader who is now a retired professional soccer player.

Her son told her that he wanted to be more athletic and to be the best at what he loved.

“He was very adamant about not being a head case,” Johnson’s mother said.

Johnson said she told her son to try to keep it short.

“We had to say to him, ‘It’s a bad idea,'” she recalled.

“And he was like, ‘Well, no.

I’m going to do it.'”

Johnson, who was born in the city, was raised by her mother and aunts in a family of four children.

She graduated from high school last year with a 4.8 GPA.

She hopes to pursue a degree in business administration.

Dina Johnson said her son has been very supportive of her and she wants to thank him for his wisdom.

“It’s been a big help for me,” she said of the haircut.

“It’s helped me to be myself.”

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