How to get the best pixie on the street in Scottsdale, Arizona

When you walk into a fashion mall like Fashion Pixie, you’re likely to find the designer’s clothes lined up next to the designer brands, and you’re unlikely to find any more.

But there’s a fashion blogger who is making it easy to find what you’re looking for, thanks to a website called Pixie.

The website provides the designer with a link to the right-hand side of their website, and the designer can then choose which of the two options is closest to their own style.

For example, if you want a dress with a simple waist, Pixie says, you can click the “sleeveless” option.

That will bring up the designer site, which gives you a direct link to a store where you can buy the dress.

Then you just click on the dress you want, and it will be ready to wear in just a few seconds.

“The website makes it really easy for the designer to find their style and the best prices,” said Sarah Rauch, who works as an editor for the fashion website StyleHer.

“They get to know you, and that’s important for a brand.”

Rauche also noted that the designer doesn’t have to spend hours looking for their product on Pixie—they can simply type in the product’s brand name and it’ll show up.

“There’s a whole world of possibilities, especially for designers that are small, indie brands that need to have an outlet for their ideas and creativity,” she said.

The Fashion Pinnacle store in Scottydale, Ariz., is located next to Fashion Piggie.

(Photo: Kelli Clements) The Fashion Bloggers Alliance also found a lot of the fashion bloggers are doing this for themselves, and they have some great tips.

Here are five of their favorites.


Find a shop with great prices.

If you’re interested in a certain designer, the first thing you want to do is go to the store that has a close proximity to you.

If it’s cheaper, the designer might be able to give you a discount, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be able or willing to provide the goods.


Be ready for a sale.

You can usually find cheaper clothing online, but you might want to wait until you see a good deal.

The more time you spend browsing, the less likely you are to find a great deal.


Use the search bar to see what’s available.

If a store has an online store search bar, it’s a good idea to do that first, to get a feel for the items.

Look at the designer shop’s description and how much the designer is charging, and make sure you can find what works for you.

For instance, the online store’s description says the dress is made with a high-quality fabric that will last “for years,” which is true if you find it in the designer store, but also not true if the designer isn’t the one making the dress and it’s made in China.


Go for the “designer-made” items.

The designer will probably not sell their dress online, so they might not be able provide the best deals online.

They might sell their dresses in the store, and then use a different designer’s photos to sell the same item on Piggies website.

You’ll also find that the price is usually lower than the designer charged on their own website.


If the designer has the exact same dress made in another country, find out about that.

Sometimes designer-made dresses will be made in other countries and may have higher-quality fabrics, but the designer will likely have a different name for the exact fabric, so you’ll want to look at their website.

Sometimes the designer may have a custom name for their fabric, like “sandal fabric” or “stitch fabric.”

The designer can often tell you which of their dresses will have the exact exact same fabric, and will often give you the exact price for it.

For fashion bloggers, it can be very important to know the exact cost of the dress before you go shopping.

“We know the designer in the industry has spent a lot on the process, but we don’t know if it’s going to be as good as the dress the designer makes,” said Clements.

“It’s always worth asking the designer for details.”

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