Which vintage cocktails are the best for you?

When it comes to the drink of the century, there is no shortage of choices, with a host of styles of cocktail, and a wide variety of ingredients.

But what do the classics all have in common?

They all contain alcohol and are very popular.

So how do you know which classic cocktail is right for you, and what are the rules of the game?

This quiz aims to answer these questions, by testing whether the following drinks are worth your time and money.

Which vintage cocktail is the best?

Key points:A cocktail is defined as an alcoholic drink containing alcohol.

A cocktail is usually made with gin, brandy or rum and spirits.

The ingredients include: sugar, water, herbs, fruits and spices.

A typical cocktail will contain: gin, rum, brandys, brandies, brandie or rum, sweetener and bitters.

Which are the classic cocktails?

A classic cocktail, or a cocktail that’s been around for centuries, is a drink made from a mix of ingredients that are all listed above.

These include gin, whisky, brandis, rum and rum.

The drinks often have an ingredient that is not normally present in a standard cocktail, such as fruit or a citrus fruit.

They can be made with other ingredients, such the addition of fruit juice or a different fruit juice source.

The classic cocktail can be used in many different ways.

Some are served with ice or water, while others can be poured over ice.

It can also be made at home or at a restaurant.

The cocktails that are the most common are listed below.

A lot of people find the classics at home, while some prefer to drink them at a bar.

Which classic cocktail are the least common?

For a drink that’s only found in the UK, the classic cocktail has been around a long time.

It’s not the most popular drink of all, but it’s the most affordable.

A classic cocktail costs between £4.50 to £7.50, depending on the style, and varies in price depending on how much you spend.

This is the drink that most people associate with their favourite drink, or for any special occasion.

Which is the cheapest classic cocktail?

It’s easy to say that it’s expensive to drink a classic cocktail at home.

This means you can usually only find a single classic cocktail in a supermarket or online.

However, the cheapest of all of them is £3.95.

It might not be the best deal, but the classic is still affordable.

Which drink is the most likely to be a problem?

Many classic cocktails are not recommended for drinking on the go.

These cocktails are meant for a small group, and are usually very strong.

You could be in for a rude awakening when you get home after a long day out and there are no other options available.

It may also be tempting to drink the drinks on a Saturday night, but if you’re travelling you’ll probably have to share a bar, as it will be too hot for a drink.

You might also find the drink at a cocktail bar, or in a restaurant where you’re not expected to share.

Which drinks are best for busy people?

Whether it’s a cocktail for a late night out, or to celebrate a big birthday, it’s best to try and avoid the more expensive drinks, and enjoy the classic drinks at home for those occasions.

It won’t be easy for people to resist the temptation to try the classic, so they may well enjoy the cheapest, or more affordable drinks.

Which cocktail is easiest to make at home?

You’ll need a few ingredients to make a classic, and it can be a bit of a challenge to get them right.

Some recipes are easy to prepare at home with basic ingredients, but others are not.

If you have an old fashioned recipe and a few friends, you can create a classic that’s much easier to make.

But the classic has to be enjoyed by people who like to drink it at home and can be difficult to replicate in the modern cocktail bar.

To make a basic cocktail at Homebrew Cocktails article How to make your own classic cocktail The classic is not a cocktail made by mixing up a few of the same ingredients.

Instead, it is made from simple ingredients, like gin, lemon juice and rum, and then blended together.

It is usually served with a glass of water.

It has a drink-able alcohol content of around 60% and is usually sold at around £3-£4.

It will most likely be difficult for anyone to drink, but this is why it is recommended that people try and make their own classic.

The key is to get it right the first time.

The drink will likely be very strong, and you will want to avoid getting too drunk when you drink it.

So get it simple, and make sure you make it at least once a week.

To do this,