How to create the perfect dress for a 90s era, fashion designers suggest

For years, fashion has been an obsession for the fashion designers of the 1990s, a time when the trend was in full swing.

From the fashion houses of Chanel and Versace to the designer labels like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, the 90s also saw the rise of the fashion house as an icon in the United States.

The influence of the 90’s was so strong, that fashion designers and their designers have been working for the last decade to create a new look for the current era.

“I think a lot of the designs were inspired by the 90-year-old, but now it’s more of a contemporary, modern era, a more streamlined, modern look,” said Anna Pascual, creative director at Fondation de la Rocha.

“That was very influential in the style of the first decade.

Now, there’s so much more attention to fashion and it’s just more attention is being paid to the modern day, which is the look of today.” 

“I think it’s a really good time to look at the history of fashion,” said Michael Gartner, who has been designing fashion for more than a decade.

“It’s a time of great experimentation, but also great growth, because the trend of creating new styles has changed so much.”

The designers, who are all based in New York, agree that the decade of the nineties was a time for a lot more experimentation, with designers taking their time with designs and finding the perfect balance between fashion and design.

“For the designers, it’s the perfect time to get away from the normal way of doing things, where you get done, and then you look back and you’re like, ‘oh, I really need to do that again,'” said Gartners.

“And then, the designers go home and go to work and the rest of the time is the same.

It’s a great time to be creative and you have the freedom to make whatever you want.”

Gartanners favorite is the vintage dress he created for the New York City Ballet, which features a vintage waist and a modern back.

The look is timeless, but the dress also looks contemporary in its design, and is perfect for any occasion. 

“It’s really cool, because it’s very much a modern, contemporary look, but it’s still very much an 80s thing,” said Gartenner.

“The classic look is still the way we’ve always done it, so that’s really where the inspiration came from.” 

The designers are working on a new fashion collection for Fondations upcoming season, which will be released in late April.

The collection will also be available online, on Fondes website and through Fondates store, which has over 30,000 items to choose from.