How to wear a bulletproof vest in your daily life

You’re probably familiar with the bulletproof suit in the movies and TV shows.

But what if you want to look badass and look cool in the process?

Here are the best bulletproof suits in fashion.1.

Bulletproof Suit from the French Connection 2.

Black Panther Suit from American Apparel 3.

Black Widow Suit from Versace 4.

Black-Avedon Suit from Dolce & Gabbana 5.

Black Jacket from Ralph Lauren 6.

Black Tuxedo Suit from Louis Vuitton 7.

Black and Gold Jacket from Gucci 8.

Black Suit from Ralph Seamans 9.

Black Tanktop from Adidas 10.

Gunmetal Blue Shirt from Under Armour 11.

Black Sweater from Burberry 12.

Black Capris from Zara 13.

Black Shorts from Nike 14.

Black Pants from Reebok 15.

Black Sneakers from Adidas 16.

Black Skirt from Dolci 19.

Black Tie from Ralph Thomas 20.

Black Shoes from Diesel 21.

Black Shirt from Ralph Steady 22.

Black Dress from Guazzaliats 23.

Black Vest from Dolcetti 24.

Black Underwear from Dolma-Kami 25.

Black Boots from Zulily