Which Italian team would you rather wear the Adidas shorts?

Adidas Originals Mens Short Men, Mens Short Women, Mens Men’s Short, Mens Women’s Short article Adidas today unveiled the Adidas Origins Mens Short, Men’s Mens Short and Mens Men and Mens Women short silhouette.

The Mens Short is the company’s first sports silhouette and it is set to be unveiled on April 9.

The Men’s and Women’s styles are scheduled to be available in February 2019.

The Adidas Origines Mens Short offers a classic silhouette and the company has not yet revealed which men’s shorts will be available.

The company has also introduced its latest offering for men, the Adidas Men’s Slacks.

The Adidas Men Slacks are available in Men’s & Women’s Sizes S, M, L and XL, and offer a slim fit.

Adidas Originates Mens Slacks feature a relaxed fit, a mesh front and an adjustable waistband.

The men’s short is available in three colours: Blue, Red and Orange.