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Fashion Square, the flagship fashion store in the city of Mumbai, is the latest flagship store to go public.

The company, founded by a former fashion editor, has gone public on Nasdaq.

The brand is part of an emerging group of retailers that have gone public since the fall of 2015, with several others to follow.

It is the first brand in India to go private since a series of high-profile fashion brands went private in 2016.

In an interview with Quartz, founder and CEO of Fashion Square Amit Khetan said, “We started out with two concepts in mind.

One was to build a brand that is aspirational and aspirational is very important for us.

The second was to create a space where brands can be seen and heard.”

He added, “As a brand, we wanted to be very accessible, because it’s a brand.

As a company, we want to be accessible, so people can shop there.”

The brand is one of the biggest in India, with stores in Mumbai and Mumbai-NCR, and is also a part of the New York-based Fashion Square brand.

It was a dream of Amit Khtan to open a retail outlet in Mumbai.

He had a dream to open an outlet in New York City.

“The idea for a fashion shop in Mumbai came from New York.

It was very much a dream.

We thought of opening the first outlet in India as we want Mumbai to be the fashion capital of the world.”

I was born in Mumbai, and when I was a child, I used to go to malls in Mumbai to shop.

In the early 2000s, it was a great time to shop in New Jersey.

When I came to Mumbai, I thought it was the future of the city.

I thought, I will open my first store there,” he said.

Amit Khetani’s vision of Mumbai as a fashion capital came to fruition.

We are going with our own vision. “

We want to open retail stores, but we are going to create our own brand, which will be very different from a mall.

We are going with our own vision.

We will be able to make our brand accessible to people.”

A few days after announcing the company, Fashion Square has raised an undisclosed amount in an initial public offering (IPO).

The company has been trading on the Nasdaq, which has been a hot commodity for Indian startups.

In February, it closed a $2.8 million Series B round of financing led by Benchmark Capital, a global VC firm.

Khetyan said he had been working on the brand’s branding and branding and PR strategy since 2015.

“This has been the biggest thing that has been behind the success of our brand,” he told Quartz.

The founders of Fashion square have a vision to create the best brand in the world in the fashion market.

“What we have created is an identity that is unique and aspiratory.

We wanted to create something that is global, that is not limited to Mumbai,” Khetans said.