‘Crazy Indian fashion’: ‘Carpool’ Indian fashion icon, now selling for a fortune in China

The “Crazy” Indian fashion is now selling at a staggering $30,000 per item on the Chinese market.

A collection of Indian street clothes and accessories made famous by designer Laju and her husband Prashant Jain in their showrooms in New Delhi.

The collection is now sold in New York, Paris, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong, where it is sold at around $150 per item.

The collection has attracted rave reviews from India’s most famous street fashion blogger and fashion expert Nandita Bedi.

Bedi, who has a blog called “Carnival of Indian Street Fashions”, is also the co-author of “The Secret to Love” and “The Essential Indian Style”.

“Crazy fashion” is an idea of Bedi’s that dates back to her childhood in the small Indian town of Dharwad, in Punjab state.

“It is a very Indian way of dressing, and it’s very fashionable,” she told NDTV.

“I’m a big fan of Indian designers and fashion houses like Prashants Jain, Lajus.

I like their styles.”

According to Bedi it took years to get her hands on the collection, which is currently sold out.

Bedi told NDtv the collection was inspired by the designs of a particular designer.

It’s a really crazy collection. “

You can see it all on the website, and there’s lots of stuff from the collection that is sold here, but it is not a normal Indian fashion.

It’s a really crazy collection.

There are all kinds of accessories and outfits that you see on the site.”

The first item Bedi bought in New Jersey was a bag made of fabric made of silk thread, which was sold for $2,000 on the internet.

The bag was bought on February 11, 2018 for $1,800.

After buying a few other pieces, she finally had the chance to own a dress made of cotton thread, made by the same designer, which cost $2.50.

Another item was a handbag made of a thick, thick piece of cotton cloth with a bow on the back.

For a while, Bedi was looking for more items to own.

She said it took her a couple of weeks to find what she was looking at.

She said she was lucky to find the clothes at the end of a long night of browsing, after being bored.

One item she had on her wish list was a black jacket made of polyester fabric, made in China.

Then, on February 21, she purchased a piece of silk from a vendor.

She bought a size large for $500.

 Bedi was shocked when she found out that the jacket was made of nylon fabric, and that the cotton had been dyed and sewn into the fabric.

She was then sold on the idea of a collection of her own.

When she found the silk she wanted, she bought the entire collection for $7,000.

“The silk was really hard to find,” Bedi said.

Now, Bami is selling all her clothes online.

The items she sells are priced from $300 to $700.

She told NDtTV that she hopes the collection sells well, but has not yet figured out how she is going to pay for it.

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