What you need to know about the ’80s Fashion Generation

When it came to fashion, the decade was about embracing the past and making a bold statement in the way we dressed.

The 1980s had some iconic designs and trends, like the neon green polo shirt and the pin-up look that took over the industry.

But there was also a lot of experimentation, including the trend of having men wear women’s clothes and men’s hairstyles.

Many women were embracing the idea of being dressed as a woman.

And, of course, there was the idea that you couldn’t wear makeup, but you could do makeup.

Read moreThe first lady wore a white, cropped-down T-shirt underneath a floral print blouse with a short black skirt and heels, which was seen as a fashion statement and one of the first pieces of clothing to do away with the long, tight dresses worn by older generations.

It was the first time a woman wore a dress in the style of a man.

The look was not an overnight success, however.

It took a few decades for the trend to gain traction.

After President Jimmy Carter took office in 1981, women took a step toward wearing suits and dresses, which meant that many older women in their 60s, 70s and 80s were getting ready to wear a jacket, skirt and blouse.

It was a time of political upheaval, with women in power and a war against the Soviets and their communist takeover of the Soviet Union.

The U.S.

S to Russia was a tense time, and many in the public were worried about what the future might hold for their children and grandchildren.

“The first-generation kids, the people who are going to inherit the country, they were afraid of what the Soviets might do to them,” said Michelle Tsoi, a curator and fashion historian at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

“But now, women have a new generation of American kids that are coming into this country and they’re not afraid.”