Man who washes off his dog’s dirty laundry in the desert may get an unusual reward

A man who was caught with his dog in the middle of the desert has been rewarded with an unusual prize.

The unnamed man is being given $25,000 by a group of hunters for cleaning his dog down in a “truly historic” event.

The hunter, who goes by the name of “The Shark,” said the group of men decided to set up camp on a hillside near a quarry in the Mojave Desert.

The men used a tractor and a tractor trailer to clean the dog down to a manageable level.

A few days later, the dog came back to the site and began cleaning the dirt and grass that had been laid by the men.

The dog had also picked up a rock.

The group decided to reward the man for cleaning the dog clean.

The Shark said that he was not particularly excited about the reward but thought it was worth a shot.

He said he hopes to have a trophy in the near future.