When it comes to your best look, don’t wear makeup and keep it simple, says designer.

The best way to dress to be your best is to keep things simple, according to designer Michelle Lee.

“Don’t make your face bigger than you are.

If you want to make your hair shorter, it’s OK, but you should just make your brows and your nose shorter than they are,” she told HuffPost in an exclusive interview.

“If you want a natural look, you shouldn’t be doing any of the things you would be doing if you were wearing makeup.

You should just be living your life.”

Lee says it’s important to keep the same look in mind as you go about your day.

“Try to think of your look as being something that you want but you want it in a way that doesn’t make you look like a complete idiot,” she said.

“Your face is the foundation of who you are.”

The best way is to focus on being the person that you truly are.

“The best thing you can do is try to look for the things that you really want,” Lee said.

If you’re going to wear makeup, it should be simple.

“I think the best thing is to try to keep it to your everyday wardrobe,” Lee explained.

“Just don’t try to do it too much.

Don’t try too much makeup.

Just make sure that you don’t have to wear anything else.”