This is a fashion job with a real estate investment

Designers at one of the UK’s biggest fashion house brands are taking a “fashion job” in the heart of London.

Cottagescore is a home decor retailer and fashion designers have been working on a new design for a new collection of china tea tables.

Cottagecore has been using their own manufacturing technology to create the new tables which have been sourced from the estate of former Cottagesby-the-Sea.

The designers have come up with a new concept for the tea table called the ‘Cottagecore Café Table’.

CottageCore Café Table designCottagreccion, or the ‘Tea Table’, is the new name of the new collection that Cottagres by the Sea is launching in 2018.

The design is inspired by the home decor section of the fashion magazines.

The new design is a new way to use a table and will be available to buy through CottageCore’s online shop.

The designs look like they could have been made in a cottage by the sea.

The tea table has a removable lid to allow for a fresh air source, which is a nod to the ‘tea table’ concept.

The ‘Tea’ section of Cottagerys home decor magazine is featured in the new design.COTTAGRECCION CEO Daniel McBriar said: ‘The concept is very simple: it is an all-in-one tea table that is all about the atmosphere.

The idea is that it is the ‘perfect tea table’ for a home and a cup of tea is one of our favourite things to do and we know it will be loved by our customers.’

The Cottagers new design was born in the wake of a couple of years of research.’

Our design philosophy is to do things in the spirit of traditional and contemporary design.’

Cottageries design has been influenced by the many different types of architecture that have been built over the years and our design team have been looking at how to create something that would not only look and feel great but would also make the most of the space within a small space.’

The design for the ‘Tiny House Tea Table’ was designed by Daniel Mcbriar.

The teapot has a single tea holder, and a sliding window in the middle.

The lid is removable and the tea cup is made from eco-friendly recycled materials.

The COTTAGRING COTTAGEHOUSE is the first of its kind in the UK, and Daniel McBrriar and his team have built it from scratch in the cottage industry in South Wales.

The table is made of 100 per cent eco-neutral recycled material and is made to last for up to 10 years.

Cotagresby- the Sea was founded in 2011 by Daniel and Sarah Brains, who started the company to help families buy and sell home decor items online.

The company is based in London, and is backed by Cottags parent company, Cotagres Holdings, who own the Cottagen estate.

The cottage industry has become a big part of the business for cottage manufacturers, as the cottage market has grown by almost 300 per cent since 2006.

The owners have also created a social media presence to keep the brand up to date.

The tables will be a limited run, priced at £1,700, and are being sold through the online shop at the end of the year.