Which one of these is the oldest? Fashion Week: The World’s Best Fashion Shows 2018

New York Fashion Week kicks off on Wednesday with the first major fashion show of 2018, the world’s first full-fledged fashion show in the United States.

With a focus on high fashion, the annual show has seen a ton of brands pop up across the globe, with designers and influencers showing off their latest designs.

Here’s a look at which of these are the oldest in the fashion world.


L’Oréal L’Oreal, the largest cosmetics company in the world, opened its first major show in 2018.

This is a brand that has grown exponentially over the years and is now the second largest cosmetics brand in the country behind L’Occitane.


Louis Vuitton Louis Vuittor, a luxury brand known for its luxury watches and luxury watches themselves, will be showcasing their collection of watches at L’oréal’s debut show.


Versace Versace will be debuting their latest collection, featuring women’s accessories and designer separates.

Versacy’s newest collection, a collection of shoes and women’s apparel, is scheduled to hit stores in 2018, with more to come in 2019.


Louis G. Young Louis G, a man who has been the face of the fashion industry for decades, is coming to New York.

He will be in town for the first time since September 2018.


Louis Nix Paris Fashion Week will feature over 100 designers and brands from all over the world as part of the Paris Fashion week.

This year’s theme will be “The Power of Fashion,” which means that the designers will be looking to tap into the power of fashion.


Prada Prada, a French luxury brand, will showcase their collection at the show.


Givenchy Givenchy will be bringing a new collection of jewelry to New Jersey for its fashion week, and will also be showcasing a few new pieces from their upcoming line.


JCPenney JCPensney will be opening their first show in New York City for the second year in a row, which is the first in the US to debut for fashion.


Gucci Gucci will be introducing its first collection of men’s accessories at Fashion Week, featuring the latest in men’s footwear.


Dolce & Gabbana Dolce&Gabbana is debuting a new fragrance for New York and will be unveiling a few other new fragrances as well.


Valentino Valentino will be launching his new line of women’s wear at New York’s Fashion Week.


Burberry Burberry is launching their first womenswear collection, which will feature some of their newest collaborations.


Chanel Chanel will be showing off a collection featuring women and girls in their latest collections.


Chanels Groupe de L’Aviation Chanel is showcasing their latest womens line of fashion, which features the latest collaborations with the likes of Gucci and Burberry.


Burpewing Burp Dewing is introducing their new womens collection.


Chanelle Chanelle is debutting their new women’s collection, with the debut of an all-new womens piece.


Valentinos Vogue Paris will be premiering their first ever men’s collection.


Fendi Fendi will be making an appearance in New Jersey at the opening of their first men’s show in five years.


Guipass Guipadis debuting an all new collection for men.


Chaneller Chanel are showing off new women pieces in their womens department.


Alexander McQueen Alexander Mc Queen will be at the launch of his new collection, the first since he was voted the “best man” by The Hollywood Reporter.


Fyrinnae Fyrini, the brand known as “the Queen of French Vogue,” will be joining their woms section for the opening event of the first ever women’s fashion show.


Balenciaga Balenciparadise Balencolie will be wearing their new collection in New Brunswick, which also features the brand’s new collection.


Dior Dior will be dropping their first women’s show for over a decade.


LVMH The new LVM Haus in New Orleans will be welcoming their first female show in years.



Bean L.

Beans will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in New Amsterdam.


Burkeburger Burkewill be showing their first ladies show in 25 years.


Burlesque Burlesquer is debutging their latest women’s look.


Calvin Klein Calvin Klein is introducing its new collection which includes a new women and men’s section.


Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson will be taking part in his first women and family fashion show since the release of