Rainbow fashion codes reveal 2018 code reveal

More than 200 new rainbow fashion codes have been revealed for Australia’s hottest retailers including the new Rainbow Fashion Codes.

Key points:A new Rainbow fashion code has been added to retailers such as the Big 4 and T-Mobile for 2017The code will be used to encourage Australians to shop at their favourite retailers including Big 4, T-mobile and Sainsbury’sFor more news and information visit www.rainbowfashioncodes.com/codes or call 1800 646 732The code is designed to encourage consumers to shop from their favourite retail brands, such as Big 4 retail, T,Mobile,Sainsburys and Saks.

The new code will allow consumers to: shop from the largest brands, including Big4, T Mobile,Saks,AAP,The Big 5 and Bunnings, and online for free and for up to six months, with limited quantities and prices.

Retailers have also revealed new seasonal and themed codes. 

For example, the Big4 will have the Rainbow Codes Winter 2018 Code. 

The code allows consumers to get a limited amount of items on sale. 

Other codes include Rainbow Night and Rainbow Nights, which are available on Saturday nights only. 

And, Rainbows Days and Rainbow Days, which offer limited-time discounts for shoppers on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights.

The Rainbow Codes will be available for purchase from December 17. 

You can sign up to be notified of new codes, and for a free trial of the Rainbow Code, at www.realtor.com or call 1300 651 498.