‘I don’t want to see any more deaths’ in Delhi as government declares end of pandemic

New Delhi, April 3: Amidst the coronavirus epidemic that swept through the country on April 1, the government has declared an end to the pandemic.

This means there will be no more deaths from the coronapid infection, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Tuesday.

The government announced on Tuesday that there will no longer be any pandemic in India and that there would be no new coronaviruses.

In its first update since March 21, the WHO said there was no sign of a resurgence in the pandemics in India.

The government’s announcement came on the heels of the announcement that it would be shutting down several major public health facilities.

The WHO said it would continue to monitor the coronipidemics in other countries, including China and the Philippines, where the pandems have spread.

The UN and the WHO are continuing to monitor coronaviral deaths and infections globally, the agency said.